Syncfusion Showcases at Microsoft Build 2024
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Syncfusion Showcases at Microsoft Build 2024

Syncfusion Showcases at Microsoft Build 2024

Syncfusion is gearing up for Microsoft Build 2024, happening May 21–23. As the excitement builds for this event, we’re thrilled to announce our extensive participation. From engaging talks to live demos, we’re ready to showcase how Syncfusion is pushing the boundaries of development and AI integration.

Syncfusion @Microsoft Build 2024

It’s almost that most invigorating time of year: Microsoft Build! We’ll be there for all three jam-packed days, May 21–23, talking development, talking AI, and talking to you.

We’re at booth FP32 in the expert meet-up area. Register to get a one-on-one live demo with a product manager to see how we’ve integrated AI into BoldDesk, our customer service solution, and Bold BI, our embedded BI and analytics platform.

Microsoft MVPs should drop by our booth to pick up something special, and every attendee should stop by for other goodies.

If you’re participating in Build from home, the office, or your home office, you can still visit our virtual Build booth. There, remote attendees can register for a virtual demo to see how Syncfusion’s UI frameworks and enterprise platforms can help them realize their development and business goals faster. Remote attendees can also register for a chance to win a gift card at our virtual booth.

Syncfusion proudly presents

We’re excited to announce that we’re presenting three 15-minute talks at Build.

Since AI is one of the main stories at Build and across the entire software industry, our first talk is all about building AI-powered apps for any platform with .NET MAUI and Blazor. This talk is being presented by Senior Product Manager Michael Prabhu on the Microsoft Build stage. Don’t fret if you miss it, you’ll be able to watch a recording of it later. Michael will also be participating in a micro interview on the Build stage to pitch why Syncfusion is the best software component and enterprise solution vendor around. It will definitely deserve a mic drop, but we can’t imagine that the folks running the show would appreciate that.

The second talk is on practical tips for API development with Senior Product Manager George Livingston. At Syncfusion, we have over two decades of experience working on APIs across all kinds of target platforms and devices, so we know a thing or two about how to build them. This is a Build-exclusive talk happening at 3:30 PM PT on day one of the conference, so you’ll have to be there at the expert demo meetup at the Hub on level 5 to see it.

Finally, we’ve got a virtual talk about AI lined up with Senior Product Manager UmaMaheswari Chandrabose, following the day one keynote. She’ll be covering how you can enhance your documents by integrating ChatGPT with the Syncfusion Blazor Word Processor.

See you soon

It’s not too late to grab a pass for the in-person Build experience! So why not download Microsoft’s ready-made letter for convincing your boss you should go and meet us there? You can look forward to meeting the following Syncfusion team members:

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