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Sneak Peek at 2024 Volume 1 .NET MAUI 1

Sneak Peek at 2024 Volume 1: .NET MAUI

TLDR: Syncfusion .NET MAUI suite offers high-performance UI controls for building cross-platform mobile and desktop apps. Let’s see the new updates that might be available in the upcoming 2024 Volume 1 release.

Syncfusion is preparing for its first major release of the year, Essential Studio 2024 Volume 1.  It will bring exciting new features and controls to all supported platforms. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the new updates coming with the 2024 Volume 1 in our .NET MAUI suite!

Introducing the new controls in .NET MAUI

In this Volume 1 release, you may enjoy using the following new .NET MAUI controls in preview mode:

  • Chat: To provide a modern conversational chatbot experience. It will show the conversation between two or more users in a fully customizable layout.
  • Parallax View: To provide a parallax effect to a background view by moving the background element at different speeds.
  • Polar and Radar Charts: To effectively visualize the value and angle comparisons, aiding in data analysis.
  • Radial Menu: To display a hierarchical menu in a circular layout, optimized for touch-enabled devices.
  • Rotator: A data control used to display image data and navigate through them. The images can be selected either by Thumbnail or by Dots support.
  • Step Progress Bar: To indicate the progress of a multiple-step(state) process.
  • TreeMap: To visualize any flat or hierarchical data as clustered rectangles with a specific weighted attribute determining the size of the rectangle.

What’s new in our existing .NET MAUI controls?


The .NET MAUI DataGrid will offer the following new features:

Unbound rows and columns

This feature will allow the users to add additional rows and columns in the DataGrid that are not bound to the data object from the underlying data source.  

Unbound row in .NET MAUI DataGrid
Unbound row in .NET MAUI DataGrid
Unbound column in .NET MAUI DataGrid
Unbound column in .NET MAUI DataGrid

Load more

This feature will allow users to load and display additional data in the DataGrid as they scroll or request more content.

Load more feature in .NET MAUI DataGrid
Load more feature in .NET MAUI DataGrid

PDF Viewer

Electronic signatures

The .NET MAUI PDF Viewer will allow users to add, remove, and modify electronic signatures in PDF files that include freehand-drawn, text, and image signatures. It can be used to sign contracts and agreements digitally, eliminating the need for physical signatures.

E-Signature feature in .NET MAUI PDF Viewer
E-Signature feature in .NET MAUI PDF Viewer

Image Editor

The .NET MAUI Image Editor will offer the following vivid features:

Serialization and deserialization

Users can serialize and deserialize the annotations and settings using the Image Editor.

Serialization and deserialization in .NET MAUI Image Editor
Serialization and deserialization in .NET MAUI Image Editor

Z-ordering for annotations

Users can change the order of annotations along the z-axis in the Image Editor.

Z-ordering for annotations in .NET MAUI Image Editor
Z-ordering for annotations in .NET MAUI Image Editor


Thanks for reading! The Essential Studio 2024 Volume 1 release is gearing up to be a big deal. Alongside fancy new features, we’re also squashing those pesky bugs to make your Syncfusion  .NET MAUI controls experience even better.

For timely updates on the release, we invite you to stay connected through our official YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn channels. If you wish to share your insights or suggestions, you can share them in the comments section below.

You can also contact us through our support forumsupport portal, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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