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Q & A with Chad Church

Syncfusion Product Manager Chad Church recently conducted a live Q & A session on Facebook and Twitter as part of our ongoing FANtastic Friday events and giveaways. While the conversation centered on mobile development, the enthusiastic participants provided some unexpected and challenging questions. We’ve collected some of the highlights here.

Where do you see the future demand for application development for large screen diagonals, such as televisions?

We foresee a limited demand—mostly in specific verticals. For example, stock traders need a lot of screen real estate to manage their trades. There will be other uses, but for the typical business application, the need for large screens it is limited. After all, the monitor will sit on your desk and your desk is only so big.

Seregon Solutions offers The Mobilizer; what do you have in comparison?

We have Orubase, which lets you control all aspects of app creation. If you are a developer, you can use your own knowledge and skills to manage your app’s business logic and data access. Visual Studio is a very mature development environment for creating HTML 5 and JavaScript content.

Seregon is just one of many companies offering mobile solutions lately. Solutions such as theirs make it incredibly easy to create apps for mobile devices, but the real cost is control. I think such tools work well for small companies that don’t have the time or money for development. Larger companies will not want to be so dependent.

Which Syncfusion control would you say is a core product and why?

Our Diagram control would be the obvious choice for future touch development. The control lends itself very well to interaction.

Modern science fiction films feature huge screens with crazy interfaces and controls. Would you like to see this come true?

Yes, we would love to live the dream—any flat surface could be a touch-controlled screen. Microsoft’s PixelSense is the first major step in that direction. Will it be the last? I doubt it. When the time is right, we will be sure our tools are ready for it.

What future do you think transparent displays have?

The future of transparent displays is marginal unless they can be made brighter.

It seems that your ASP.NET MVC solutions have been frozen in development, or is this the calm before the storm?

That’s a fair assessment. Expect things to happen this year in MVC. Our developers have been working hard and we expect some good things to come over the next six to nine months. We even will have some JavaScript controls.

(Questions from participants have been truncated and Church’s responses have been edited.)


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