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Now Available: Essential Studio 2013 Vol. 1

The year’s first batch of updates for Syncfusion Essential Studio is here! Our primary goal for this release was to develop our WinRT offering to the point that we could push it from beta to final—so we added a few more controls and polished some of its existing features. Now, we’re proud to announce that our powerful Grid control is available for WinRT. It features data binding, sorting, filtering, and unmatched performance on both desktops and tablets. Another WinRT control we’ve prepared is a report viewer that enables you to view RDL-based reports within your Windows Store apps, change report parameters on the fly, and export reports as Word, Excel, or PDF documents.

While our WinRT additions and improvements are impressive in their own right, we’ve also taken the time to enhance our ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Forms controls and features. Some highlights include:

· ASP.NET MVC OLAP Chart control for rendering business intelligence data in interactive charts for instant visual analysis.

· Undo-redo support in Essential Spreadsheet for WPF and Silverlight.

· QR barcode support for converting numeric and alphanumeric text to QR codes and embedding them in PDF documents.

Though not a part of Essential Studio, we’ve also released several new features for Orubase, our framework for quickly and easily developing hybrid mobile apps. One of these features is dictionary support, which provides improved, highly organized data storage for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. To delve into more Orubase additions and the finer details of all our updates, check out what’s new.


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