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NMath integration with Essential Chart

Guest post by Andy Gray, CenterSpace Software

When building numerical applications, you’ll inevitably be faced with the challenge of taking raw data and computed results and presenting information in a way that makes business sense to the end user. NMath 5.1 added some new visualization features to help. We’ve also worked closely with the team at Syncfusion to make it very easy to create visualizations of NMath data with their powerful Essential Chart component.

We’ve released some free adapter code that will allow you to create an Essential Chart control from NMath data structures with as little as one line of code. We’ve also written some technical documentation that walks you through many common graphing scenarios using the Syncfusion components. This white paper details how to:

· Download and reference the CenterSpace.NMath.Charting.Syncfusion.NMathChart

· Create and configure Essential Chart controls, and bind charts to NMath data structures.

· Use the NMathChart adapters to create and customize Essential Chart ChartControl instances easily.

· Plot vectors, matrices, functions, fitted functions, function peaks, least squares classes, and histograms using a variety of chart types.

Click here to download the free adapter code and detailed instructions. 


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