Syncfusion Celebrates National Small Business Week 2023
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Syncfusion Celebrates National Small Business Week 2023

Syncfusion Celebrates National Small Business Week 2023

National Small Business Week

In the United States, the first week of May is National Small Business Week, hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). It’s a time to recognize and celebrate the vital role that small businesses play as a wellspring of invention, innovation, and daring that define the entrepreneurial spirit. According to the SBA, 99.9% of all companies in the U.S. are small businesses. Though we no longer qualify as a small business, we at Syncfusion wanted to take a moment to thank every small business that has worked with us over the past two decades. It doesn’t matter whether they were active on our original Windows Forms FAQ or are new customers who just signed up for one of our new Bold enterprise products. Thank you, from all of us, for helping drive our success. 

Since our founding, we have specialized in building software and solutions that help businesses get work done. Whether you need powerful software components and frameworks to get your app to market faster, intuitive business intelligence reporting and dashboarding tools, or a hassle-free esignature platform, we have a complete ecosystem that empowers you to achieve your business goals.

To help small businesses get their footing, we offer Community Licenses for most of our products, granting individual developers and small businesses (fewer than five developers) with less than $1M USD in annual gross revenue free access to some of the best developer toolkits and enterprise products on the market. As your business grows, we are there to scale with you, providing products and pricing plans that keep pace.

Community Licenses

Essential Studio

For nearly a decade, our Essential Studio Community License has given developers all the components they could possibly need to build business software across mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Choose from a vast collection of controls that spans data grids, charts, editors, forms, layouts, file-format libraries, and many more. Our most recent release, 2023 Volume 1, offers more than 1,800 components, including collections for cutting-edge platforms like Blazor and .NET MAUI.

Bold BI

We released the Bold BI Community Edition a couple months ago, giving business leaders powerful dashboarding and analytics tools for free. With it, nontechnical users can collect their data from a variety of sources, collate and analyze it, and finally visualize it to uncover important information that can propel their business into a new stage of growth. Bold BI can be embedded in your everyday applications and has practical use cases for businesses of any size. As Syncfusion CEO Daniel Jebaraj stated at the time of release, “It’s important to us that small businesses and entrepreneurs have access to the modern tools they need to grow and be competitive.”

Bold Reports

We launched our Bold Reports Community Edition concurrently with the Bold BI Community Edition. Just like Bold BI, Bold Reports puts robust data analysis and visualization tools into the hands of business users. Bold Reports greatly simplifies business reporting with a WYSIWYG Report Designer; a Report Server for report management; an intuitive, web-based Report Viewer; and a Report Writer for programmatically generating reports in common file formats. Browse our sample reports to see just how much you can improve your current business reporting with Bold Reports.


Our BoldSign Business plan gives you an e-signature platform with unlimited documents, unlimited templates, and up to two custom brands, all for free. If you’re always tracking down clients and colleagues for their signatures on contracts and other important documents, BoldSign is built just for you. Enjoy the mature feature set of the big-name e-signature brands without having to work around the complicated parts you don’t use. Use (or don’t!) audit trails, signer authentication, automatic reminders, multiple languages, attachments, automatic field detection, and more.

Read what small businesses have to say

Here are some excerpts from G2 reviews by small businesses about our components and solutions:

Essential Studio

“Being a startup, the free tier really helps sell adoption internally, with a smooth ramp to volume pricing. Very good support on their forum.” Henry C.

“It’s very generous of [Syncfusion] to offer their software for free to small companies like mine!! And the documentation? Fantastic!!” Charles G.

“The flexibility many of the controls provide[d] allows us to apply our app standards without resorting to custom renderers for each platform.” Ross T.

Bold BI

“It is an extremely flexible and comprehensive tool.” Rodolfo C.

“A very good option if [your] project requires [hosting] in your own servers, compared with all available cloud platforms out there.” Julio C. R.

“The response time on feature requests and technical support tickets is very much appreciated.” Mike R.

Bold Reports

“Easy to use tool with variety of options.” Muhammed Y.

“[I like] the fact that it has a community license that allows full use of the software. This is amazing for the community and shows how Syncfusion thinks about freelance developers.” Marcos M.

“Quality reporting solution with outstanding features, backed up by an amazing support team.” Verified User in Information Technology and Services.


“Currently, the biggest plus to using BoldSign is that it is free! It is a very professional and reliable product for my small home-organizing business.” Ciara L.

“For everything I needed regarding e-signatures and the variety of documents I had to work with, the BoldSign solution works.” Gil Michael R.

“Login is integrated with Google. 1 page configuration is straightforward. Document setup includes everything I need. Final approval and audit is perfect.” Jeremy K.

Wrapping up

Once again, thank you to every small business that we have been fortunate enough to work with over the past 22 years. You are not only the backbone of the U.S. economy, but also the driving force behind countless features we have built into our products to meet business requirements, from the everyday to the unconventional and unique. We look forward to continuing to share our products with you and growing with you every step on the path to greater success.

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