Integrating Google Calendar Events with Syncfusion React Scheduler [Webinar Show Notes]
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Integrating Google Calendar Events with Syncfusion React Scheduler [Webinar Show Notes]

Integrating Google Calendar Events with Syncfusion React Scheduler [Webinar Show Notes]

This blog provides show notes for our April 13 webinar, “Integrating Google Calendar Events with Syncfusion React Scheduler.” The webinar was presented and hosted by Syncfusion Product Manager Subaashini Pushparaju. If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch it again, a recording of it has been uploaded to our YouTube page. Or you can watch it here.


In this webinar, we covered the steps to display Google Calendar events in the Syncfusion React Scheduler. We also saw how to use the Google Calendar API to retrieve calendar data and then map it to the Scheduler data format.

Time Stamps

[00:00] Introduction

[0:55] Create a Google API Key

[4:50] Create a React Application

[9:43] Implementing the Scheduler Component

[13:00] Customizing the Scheduler

[21:40] Displaying the Final Scheduler and Final Thoughts

[22:15] Outro


During this webinar, we showed the simple steps to displaying Google Calendar events in the Syncfusion React Scheduler. The Essential Studio for React suite has over 80 high-performance, lightweight, modular, and responsive UI components in a single package. If you are not already a Syncfusion customer, check these controls out with a 30-day free trial.

We hope you enjoyed this webinar and please keep an eye out for our future Syncfusion React webinars.

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