PLINQ in WPF GridDataControl

The Syncfusion WPF GridDataControl uses a LINQ-based engine for strongly typed object collections. It uses plain LINQ expression trees to formulate any query execution internally. PLINQ provides a parallel implementation of the LINQ pattern for executing operations in separate batch threads (for mor... [More]

Grouping with WPF GridDataControl

With the Vol. 3 release, the much awaited grouping and summaries support for the WPF grid will be out. This support works with the CollectionView grouping mode. The summaries are not a part of CollectionView grouping logic, so we included high-level functions that will calculate the summaries of a g... [More]

WPF - BeginInvoke

In .NET 2.0 and Windows Forms, you can invoke an asynchronous call to a method with no arguments using code like: myControl.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(AnotherMethod)); In .NET 3.0 and WPF, the equivalent code would be: myControl.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(AnotherMethod), null); One pla... [More]