Real-Time Data with the PivotGrid Control

Our latest white paper, written by Syncfusion Director of Technical Support Clay Burch and OLAP-WPF team member Suriya Prakasam R., examines the power of Syncfusion's PivotGrid control in situations that involve dynamically changing data. However, the authors don't settle by showing you how to set u... [More]

Grid control and data binding in WPF

The GridData control from Syncfusion was built for data binding applications.  But, sometimes you need the flexibility of our Grid control.   Here is a simple sample showing how you can implement basic data binding and updating via our Grid control.  In this sample, we are hand... [More]

Using WPF inside LINQPad

I love using LINQPad to create and test quick snippets. LINQPad brings some of the instant gratification associated with dynamic languages, such as Python and Ruby, to C#. Until recently, I had not used LINQPad to work with UI code. A few days ago, I was looking to test a small WPF code snippet. I ... [More]

Header TextWrap in WPF GridDataControl

  The Grid WPF team has created this sample to show how TextWrap can be applied to the Header row of the Grid. Download sample: WPF_GDCHeaderWrap this.grid.ModelLoaded += (s, a) => { this.grid.Model.HeaderStyle.TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap; this.grid.Model.HeaderStyle.TextTr... [More]

Stock Markets, Technical Analysis, and Syncfusion

The U.S. stock markets have been on a tear for the first two months of this year. So far in January and February of 2012, the annualized performance of the Dow Jones 30 Industrials is up by a third, the S&P 500 Index is up by a half, and the NASDAQ index is up an amazing 75%. All this action has... [More]

Multi Row Edit/Bulk Edit for WPF GridDataControl

  When editing data in a GridDataControl, only the current row is affected. The Grid WPF team had created a sample for editing multiple rows and setting the values for all the selected rows to be the same as the edited value. This sample defines a GridDataControl with 3 editable rows and illu... [More]

Silverlight Angst Remains

Following BUILD, there is still some angst surrounding Silverlight and the role it will play moving forward. This is understandable after hearing that Silverlight does not run inside the Metro-UI IE browser. There are good reasons why supporting Silverlight under the Metro-UI browser is not a great ... [More]