Testing the Waters: NETPath at VS Live!

This blog was written by Mike Palmisano of Prospective Software, a Syncfusion partner. Many developers dream of the day they will go to market with new software. Recently,Prospective Software had the opportunity to do just that at Visual Studio Live! on Microsoft’s Redmond campus, and we thou... [More]

Hello (Real) World

A Syncfusion intern transforms with company Like every college senior entering the fall semester, I was looking for an internship to end my college career with a bang, but I did not know where to begin. For weeks, I read through countless applications around the Triangle –the Raleigh, Dur... [More]

Jumping into JavaScript

Yesterday, we released our first set of client-side controls, Essential Studio for JavaScript, targeting enterprise developers. With this new suite, we seek to satisfy the stringent requirements of applications that mean serious business—we’re talking about tracking stocks, analyzing exp... [More]