Apps for the Voluntary Student

As more and more frameworks are built on top of JavaScript—like Knockout and Node.js—more developers are finding it easier to develop HTML 5 apps with smaller teams. Because these apps are easy to produce, and easy to update when new operating systems roll out, organizations primarily interested in ... [More]

Writing for Windows Live Tiles: Strings Like Headlines

Previously in this series, I discussed several factors to keep in mind when writing copy for Windows Start Screen Live Tiles, such as constructing lines that are short, yet meaningful; being conscientious of the relationship between text and visuals; and what makes a written word readable. I’... [More]

Syncfusion Releases WinRT Suite

A new beginning, such as the one Microsoft has embarked upon, is a powerful thing. Windows 8’s new interface sets a high standard for the technology giant: to endeavor to replace an interface as prolific as Windows Desktop with something new. We’re staying in step by offering an expansi... [More]

Syncfusion Orubase: A Demo with Chad Church

Orubase makes it easy to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In three simple steps, you'll create hybrid, mobile applications that incorporate native navigation, providing an experience indicative of native apps. Chad Church demonstrates how, with .NET, you can use Orubase to cre... [More]

Benefits beyond Products

In a video we recently shot, Daniel Jebaraj, vice president of product development, talks about the many reasons to go with Syncfusion—reasons that transcend our product line itself. Long ago, Syncfusion adopted the philosophy that to sell components and controls, we must be an active part of... [More]