The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term nearing ubiquity in press releases, tech talks, and industry forecasts. Equal parts futurism and pragmatism, the Internet of Things is the presence of sensors in virtually any setting (or “thing”) to monitor physical information in real time. These sensor... [More]

Welcoming Satya Nadella

On February 4, Satya Nadella was named the new chief executive officer at Microsoft after a nearly six month search. He immediately went to work.   Nadella has been a familiar face at Microsoft conferences and industry events for years now. Before rising to the position of CEO, he served as... [More]

A Succinctly Series Update: Assembly, SSAS, and You

When Syncfusion started the Succinctly series of free e-books, we aimed to fill a developer education gap between expensive, encyclopedic texts and overwhelming, free-for-all online resources. Having reached more than half a million downloads, it seems we may be doing it right. In December, we adde... [More]

Goodbye, Ballmer

Steve Ballmer is leaving his post as the CEO of Microsoft within the next year. For more than a decade, Ballmer has guided the corporation through a gamut of software and hardware development, including the world-dominating Windows XP operating system, the Xbox video game console that continues to r... [More]

Expanding Orubase

You may have noticed that Orubase, Syncfusion's framework for developing hybrid mobile applications, did not receive any updates with the 2013 Volume 2 release of Essential Studio. Though it was a tough decision to make, we postponed the Orubase updates for good reason. Doing so provided more time f... [More]

Test it. Test it good.

Unit testing plays a unique role in application development. It can be a valuable asset when used correctly, but it cannot prevent every bug from nesting itself in your project's source code. Testing must be carefully balanced with other development considerations in order to be a constructive part ... [More]

Q & A with Chad Church

Syncfusion Product Manager Chad Church recently conducted a live Q & A session on Facebook and Twitter as part of our ongoing FANtastic Friday events and giveaways. While the conversation centered on mobile development, the enthusiastic participants provided some unexpected and challenging quest... [More]