Syncfusion Celebrates World Wide Web Day

The Internet. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. These are defining features of modern life, platforms for distributing multimedia information at rates and volumes unimaginable through most of recorded history. This is the legacy of the World Wide Web, the vast construct that is the foundation of our i... [More]

The Rise of Xamarin

Xamarin is a name so pervasive in the development world, it’s hard to speak of mobile app development without verbally tripping over it. And yet their products have been on virtual shelves for just four years. So when a startup app development platform goes from being founded to serving 1.4 mill... [More]

Syncfusion Attends VS Live! in Redmond

Syncfusion is happy to announce its attendance at the Visual Studio Live! Redmond 2017 conference. The conference will take place August 14–18 at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. Syncfusion is also proud to be one of two gold sponsors for the event.Two representatives will be stationed at... [More]