protected void AnalyzePostBackData() { string sData = this.Context.Request.Form[ this.UniqueID + "_hidden" ]; if( !Utilities.IsStringEmpty( sData ) ) { m_sPostBackData = sData; string []asItemsData = sData.Split('~'); ... [More]

Essential Chart Silverlight DataBinding

Essential Chart Silverlight supports binding any IEnumerable source. This blog shows a sample HiLo chart bound to stocks. We have a Stock model object which contains Current Date-Time and the Highest, Lowest, Open and Close Price of each day. The Stock updates class can contain a collection of Stoc... [More]

Member Properties are now Supported

Member properties cover the basic information about each member in each tuple. This basic information includes the member name, parent level, the number of children, and so on. Member properties are available for all members at a given level. Now OlapGrid accepts dimension members along with their p... [More]

Drag and Drop Feature in Grid MVC

With the upcoming 2010 Volume 3 release, several cool features are going to be added to the Syncfusion Grid MVC control. One among them is the support to drag and drop records from the grid to other DOM elements.This feature allows you to select multiple rows (using jQuery UI- Selectable) and drag a... [More]