Create stunning cross-platform hybrid mobile applications using HTML5 and JavaScript

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache Cordova, and AngularJS
  • Package as native applications and deploy to iOS, Android, and Windows app stores
  • 100% free for everyone
  • Free commercial support for Syncfusion Plus members



Orubase is a complete solution for developing hybrid mobile applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and Apache Cordova. It includes a rich suite of user interface components optimized for building line of business applications.

Pixel-perfect user interface controls

Orubase ships with more than 30 pixel-perfect HTML5-JavaScript user interface controls that look and behave like native controls on the respective mobile platforms.

    Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache Cordova, and AngularJS

    Orubase seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache Cordova, and AngularJS to provide an end-to-end, smooth development experience. This starts with development within Visual Studio using AngularJS, then test deployment on devices using the Adobe PhoneGap developer app, and finally packaging for stores using the Adobe PhoneGap cloud build service.

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    Access to native device capabilities

    Integration with the Apache Cordova framework provides Orubase apps easy access to native device capabilities like camera, accelerometer, and location.


    Cross-platform hybrid mobile applications using JavaScript or ASP.NET MVC

    Orubase lets you develop cross-platform mobile hybrid applications using either JavaScript or ASP.NET MVC. It ships with over 30 ASP.NET MVC mobile controls that can be used to build pixel-perfect ASP.NET MVC mobile applications. The ASP.NET MVC mobile applications can also be packaged as native applications and deployed to the app stores. If you already have an ASP.NET MVC web application, then this would be quickest way to go mobile.


    Instantly test on actual devices

    Orubase seamlessly integrates with the Adobe PhoneGap developer app to enable testing the application on actual devices without having to sign and compile the app or needing to unlock the mobile devices. The PhoneGap developer app makes it very simple to see the changes instantly on your mobile device.


    Seamless integration with the Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

    Orubase also integrates with the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova to provide the best possible hybrid app development experience within Visual Studio. The entire application can be built and packaged for the app stores from within Visual Studio.


    You don’t need a Mac to build and deploy apps to the App Stores

    Orubase seamlessly integrates with the Adobe PhoneGap cloud build service to easily package the app for the iOS, Android and Windows app stores. Orubase also auto generates an Xcode project that can be used to package the app on a Mac if you prefer not to use the Adobe cloud build option.


    Best-in-class support

    With our sophisticated Direct-Trac support system, built from the ground up to support enterprise customers, you will have a streamlined support experience. No question is too simple. So feel free to ask anything.


    End-to-end consulting services available

    At Syncfusion, we have deep expertise in building hybrid mobile applications. We can build end-to-end hybrid apps for you better and faster than anyone else. If you are looking for assistance building your hybrid mobile application, contact us today.