Silverlight Angst Remains

Following BUILD, there is still some angst surrounding Silverlight and the role it will play moving forward. This is understandable after hearing that Silverlight does not run inside the Metro-UI IE browser. There are good reasons why supporting Silverlight under the Metro-UI browser is not a great ... [More]

Essential Studio 2011 Volume 4 is here!

Essential Studio 2011 Volume 4 gives developers the ability to target all mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) with a single code base. It provides a cross-platform ASP.NET MVC chart control that leverages HTML 5 and adds a PDF Viewer to the MVC suite. Key features include: ... [More]

What we owe to Steve Jobs

As you are all probably aware by now, Steve Jobs died a couple of weeks ago due to health reasons. This is really sad news for anyone connected to computers, enjoying his modern user-interfaces, modern-day typography, smart phones, printers, handheld music players, and the Toy Story movie series. O... [More]

NoSQL is no fad

Market Research Media predicts the worldwide NoSQL market will reach $1.8 billion by 2015 and will generate $5.6 billion revenues. Does that surprise you?   NoSQL is not a fad. It will strengthen over time and the rise of HTML5 will be a catalyst for increasing demand. Plus, successful NoSQL ... [More]

Vote for Syncfusion!

Make your voice heard by voting for Syncfusion in Visual Studio Magazine Viewer’s Choice awards! Syncfusion has been nominated in two categories: Category 2: Component Suite: Web Category 11: General Development Tools Vote now for Syncfusion! Simply select from the drop down menu the Syncfusion p... [More]

Syncfusion sponsoring Devscovery Austin

Devscovery is embarking on a "Know How. Transfer" tour in Austin October 18th-20th to provide knowledge that will empower you - the intermediate to advanced developer- to leverage the .NET technologies that are imperative to the applications and projects you are working on, on a daily basi... [More]

Are we really in the dark about Windows 8?

  “If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble,“ stated writer Elbert Hubbard.   There is a certain element of healthy anticipation that surrounds the unknown, be it the plot of an upcoming movie or the next version of Windows. ... [More]