Volume 2 Road Map Released

We have published the official Road Map for our upcoming Volume 2 release, which is scheduled for June 27, 2014. Volume 2 will bring a lot of exciting updates to all our major platforms, including JavaScript, WinRT, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, Windows Phone, and Windows Forms. ... [More]

Top of the Charts

Charts are fun. There’s no way around it. At Syncfusion, we take great pride in making chart controls for a variety of platforms, including JavaScript and WinRT. Our controls offer flexible, ready-to-use features that make constructing enterprise charts a breeze. Sometimes, however, we like to... [More]

Converting Word docs to PDFs

Let’s learn how to convert a Word document to a PDF using Essential DocIO and Essential PDF. Essential DocIO renders the contents of a Word document page by page and adds each page to the PDF document using Essential PDF. Use the ConvertToPDF method of the DocToPDFConverter class to convert the Wor... [More]

For Travelers, Mobile Takes on a New Meaning

Being in a new city for any length of time can be challenging, and even if you have several days to explore, it can be hard to decide how to spend your time. I have noticed that my friends and I often find ourselves looking to our mobile devices for ideas. Where do we go next? What type of restauran... [More]

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a term nearing ubiquity in press releases, tech talks, and industry forecasts. Equal parts futurism and pragmatism, the Internet of Things is the presence of sensors in virtually any setting (or “thing”) to monitor physical information in real time. These sensor... [More]

Music as Big Data

In his recent white paper, Ignore HDInsight at Your Own Peril, Syncfusion Vice President Daniel Jebaraj discusses the role big data will play in an organization’s decision-making. The paper points out that in days past the lion’s share of an organization’s data describing its customers and end users... [More]