Slow Down for Summer

In the U.S., summer is quickly approaching, meaning longer days and later nights. For students and their parents, it also means no school for three months and countless hours to fill. Of course, programmers often keep longer hours than most year-round—sometimes to the point where it affects their he... [More]

Syncfusion VP Awarded for Startup Spirit

Syncfusion first took root in North Carolina’s garden of innovation, technology, and science—known as the Triangle—back in 2001. It’s an area nestled between three of the South’s highest-regarded universities, where partners of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) alone account for 245 startups, which d... [More]

Build 2015

Between its Build conference last week and the Ignite conference this week, Microsoft has made dozens of announcements that reinforce its newfound image as a company that embraces whatever technologies developers are using, from competing mobile platforms like iOS and Android, to the open-source eco... [More]

File Explorer in JavaScript

The File Explorer control for JavaScript provides a Windows Explorer-like interface within a web application, allowing end-users to browse, upload, and download files. Folder structure can be changed by renaming, moving, or deleting folders and files, and the control’s layout and folder management c... [More]

Swim Lane Diagrams in JavaScript

Swim-lane diagrams are typically used to visualize a relationship between a business process and the department responsible for it by focusing on the logical relationships between activities. Swim lanes may be arranged either horizontally or vertically. In this blog, we’ll review how to create a swi... [More]