Syncfusion VP Awarded for Startup Spirit

Syncfusion first took root in North Carolina’s garden of innovation, technology, and science—known as the Triangle—back in 2001. It’s an area nestled between three of the South’s highest-regarded universities, where partners of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) alone account for 245 startups, which d... [More]

Be Empowered by Our Community License

The cost of development weighs heaviest on those who can least afford it. To ease that burden, this time a year ago, we made our Hobbyist Licenses available for Syncfusion’s JavaScript and WinRT suites, allowing individual developers to use all our JavaScript and WinRT controls in independently-publ... [More]

What Educators Need from Games that Teach

Recall the moment just before your high school teacher was about to introduce an educational video into a lesson. For many students, the Play button was actually a switch that turned their attention off, disengaged them from the subject, and usually signaled time for a nap. Now, call upon your memo... [More]

Data to Build a Dream on

Business journals appear a bit sleep-obsessed at times. Of all health aspects, sleep is the one written about most. That’s because sleep deprivation, as it relates to cognitive function and work, has been the focus of reliable research over the last decade, making sleep ready fodder for busine... [More]