Hyperlink columns in ASP.NET MVC Grid

The Syncfusion ASP.NET MVC Grid supports extensive column customization options. A common requirement is to be able to format the columns as hyperlinks. The Grid team has created a sample to show formatting columns as hyperlinks using the Format option and the Template option. Download sample: Mvc_... [More]

Header TextWrap in WPF GridDataControl

  The Grid WPF team has created this sample to show how TextWrap can be applied to the Header row of the Grid. Download sample: WPF_GDCHeaderWrap this.grid.ModelLoaded += (s, a) => { this.grid.Model.HeaderStyle.TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap; this.grid.Model.HeaderStyle.TextTr... [More]

Multi Row Edit/Bulk Edit for WPF GridDataControl

  When editing data in a GridDataControl, only the current row is affected. The Grid WPF team had created a sample for editing multiple rows and setting the values for all the selected rows to be the same as the edited value. This sample defines a GridDataControl with 3 editable rows and illu... [More]