The NSA’s Open-Source Initiative

Earlier this year, the U.S. National Security Agency announced that it was creating a GitHub profile as part of its Technology Transfer Program.  The intent of the program is to facilitate the commercial development of open-source software to engage and benefit the community while producin... [More] Officially Launches

In August, the White House released the Federal Source Code Policy which outlined a two-pronged plan to merge open source ideology with government software development: all newly written federal government software would be available for reuse across all agencies, and all federal agencies would r... [More]

U.S. Government Goes Open Source

Back in March, the White House released a draft of a Federal Source Code policy for public comment. The purpose of this policy was to “require new software developed specifically for or by the Federal Government to be made available for sharing and re-use across Federal agencies.” In other words,... [More]

There Will Be Bugs

Five days after the release of the Raspberry Pi 2, enthusiast Peter Onion discovered a strange problem with the device. He found that it was camera shy. As anyone proud of their hardware is wont to do, Onion was photographing his Raspberry Pi 2 when he discovered if he photographed it using a flash... [More]

Good Advice for Software Start-Ups

As part of Microsoft’s BizSpark program, Syncfusion’s vice president and cofounder, Daniel Jebaraj, addressed the concerns of entrepreneurs via a live Facebook chat last month. This experimental format yielded questions from the audience concerning challenges of the technology industry, methods of f... [More]