Reunion Tour: The Return of Music as Big Data

In our never-ending quest for apps that utilize data in interesting ways, a common theme is music. One such app that caught our eye recently is Roadtrip Mixtape. This web app combines Google Maps destinations with Spotify tracks to create a playlist based on the artists whose hometowns you travel th... [More]

For Travelers, Mobile Takes on a New Meaning

Being in a new city for any length of time can be challenging, and even if you have several days to explore, it can be hard to decide how to spend your time. I have noticed that my friends and I often find ourselves looking to our mobile devices for ideas. Where do we go next? What type of restauran... [More]

Apps for the Voluntary Student

As more and more frameworks are built on top of JavaScript—like Knockout and Node.js—more developers are finding it easier to develop HTML 5 apps with smaller teams. Because these apps are easy to produce, and easy to update when new operating systems roll out, organizations primarily interested in ... [More]